When we are Brave Podcast

When facing new obstacles, we become courageous.

When we are Brave Podcast with Tiffany Johnson Season 2 Episode 2

When facing new obstacles, we become courageous.

In this episode I talk with Dr Charles Sanger and Elaine Sanger about their life adventures, and how when faced with new obstacles, we become courageous. From leaving their life behind and sailing the Atlantic Ocean to work for not -for profit, to creating their own business and working together as a married couple. Dr Charles and Elaine Sanger talk about how these experiences have moulded their life with their joint goal focusing them on being brave, not the conditions they are faced with.

Charles and Elaine's Talk about:

  • What led them to their current situation was living through an adventure where they learnt life skills they would have never otherwise learned – living and sailing on a 38-foot yacht from Chicago to the Dominican Republic. Neither feeling fulfilled in their life, they left their corporate life, home and all other possessions, to go on an adventure to help those in third world countries and live a new and different way. They wanted to help people less fortunate than themselves.
  • They followed their dreams and moved into a 30foot sale boat. They were brave in making the decision to live in a small mobile space, making their own electricity, pulling into an island and finding their own food. They realised that they really didn’t need that much to be happy. This experience has given both Charles and Elaine a new way of looking at life.
  • Both Elaine and Charles studied extensively to ensure they both had the skill set to maintain their boat, and how to take control of the boat under all different circumstances and to work as a team.
  • In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Charles and Elaine were faced with life and death when they came to an extended period of no wind, and for a sailing boat, this is a significant problem.
  • Often we think of fear as being a storm at sea, but with no wind for days on end, the sky and the sea almost became one with a cocoon of stars, the sea was so still. Without enough fuel and no wind, Charles and Elaine had to get creative in how they utilised the weather and their knowledge. With no way of getting fresh water, food or fuel, they focused on the joint goal they had – to get closer to shore so they could ger supplies and survive.
  • Elaine talks about being brave in those moments, when there is no choice, you become so focus on the goal of where you want to get to. You not fearful, as you know where you want to get to and because you focus on that and not the conditions you are in – that’s how you become brave. Become self-sufficient for your life, you become more confident. Dealing with the unknown makes you more are capable of doing a lot if we put our mind to it and not panic. This takes courage.
  • Stretching your goals can help you find that things can get easier, especially when you put things into perspective. Either you live your life in fear, and you don’t take any risks, or you start to build the muscle of being able to press against risk, and you’re not as fearful anymore. When you’re on the other side of fear and risk – it becomes the life adventure you live through. If we don’t take any fear in our life, you don’t get any adventure.
  • Change can be terrifying, but the joy and abundance can be worth it. Change can also be better on the other side before you did the thing that you were scared to do.
  • Through their life experiences, Charles and Elaine help their clients with their mindset, teaching people how to work through their fear and achieve their goals.
  • Working together and being married can bring many challenges, they provide insights plus tips on how to work as a team and still have a loving relationship. Through respecting each other’s skills and communicating with ease. Trusting what each person’s knowledge is
    and providing a balance in life, they have achieved a successful working relationship, working towards one single purpose,
  • One tip they provide is to have a formal weekly meeting so that everything is clear in what each person is going to do and ensuring they take time out and they do so and make the commitment not to talk about work.
  • Elaine shares with us her life change when she had a stroke a few years ago. She shares how she was faced with possible death, and when awaking, she pushed through and make the choice to live her life to the most, making life count and making the most of every day. Their faith has kept them strong and wanting to help make the world a better place.
  • Living your purpose and giving to help others. Their happiness is helping others and seeing them succeed.

Charles and Elaine's Tips for Living Bravely​

When we are Brave podcast with Tiffany Johnson

Once you become self-sufficient you become more confident.

Dealing with the unknown, makes you more, capable of doing a lot more if we put our mind to it and not panic.

Either you live your life in fear and you don’t take any risks or you start to build that muscle of being able to press against risk and you’re not as fearful anymore.

When we are Brave Podcast with Tiffany Johnson Season 2 Episode 2

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So, my friends, until next time, be brave and live your best.

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