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When you trust yourself, it’s easier to be brave.

When we are Brave with Tiffany Johnson Trust Yourself interview with Carlee Maree

When you trust yourself, it’s easier to be brave. ​

  • Carlee Maree has written her first book – Soul Modes. She sees these as her legacy. She wants to help the women in the world to know that they are magic and that the measures that women have put on themselves are often masculine energy. Carlee wants to help women connect and celebrate their feminine energy. Her work allows people to see that they have magic inside of them like a treasure chest of gold, and she is there to assist them open that box.
  • It’s only possible to love and accept yourself, when you know yourself, to some degree, this is when you can trust yourself. It is much easier when you trust yourself and believe in yourself, to be brave, if you’ll believe that you’ll handle anything.
  • Through Carlee’s work, she helps people see who they are through finding and discovering their soul modes as she talks about in her book and her podcast.
  • When a person can go on a journey of getting to know the different parts of themselves and loving them and accepting them and trusting them, they can make big, bold decisions in their life.
  • Being soul led rather than should led, allows Carlee to follow her desires. From listening to her desires and yearnings, Carlee follows her soul’s passion. Carlee believes in the universe and believes that the universe leads her to her right path.
  • Using the tools of the law of attraction, Carlee lives her life by following her desires and instincts.
  • Our beliefs about life are what create your life. Carlee tells us to not listen to the judgement from others and to listen to your own beliefs.
  • We spend a lot of time being worried about what people think, but when we know that we have our own set of beliefs, we know that we don’t need to take on other people beliefs.

Carlee’s Tips on living Bravely

  • Scribbles before scrolls is one of Carlee’s sayings. The first thing in the morning Carlee journals with scribbles, deciding on who she is and what she wants to achieve for the day, instead of going straight to her phone and checking the internet, she can face the day with intention.
  • Carlee also believes in taking excellent care of her body; this helps her feel even more intuitive. If we are dehydrated, our energy is not firing. Carlee ensures that she is well hydrated taking care of her body at all times, making sure she feels great in every aspect of her life.
  • Her third tool to be brave is the decide. Make decisions. When you do the inner work, and you make a decision, you become an energetic match for what you want in your life. If Carlee tells herself she needs to shift a belief, she makes the decision and then she operates on the premise of the decision. This thought process enforces her own beliefs, which all started with a decision.

When we are Brave

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