Simple Self Care Secrets

When we are Brave Podcast - Self Care Secrets

In this episode I talk about:

What is self care, the importance of self care and simple, easy, free and effective tips for taking care of YOU, so that you may serve and lead a happier healthier life. 

I want to talk about self-care. What is self-care?Self Care does not necessarily mean going to the day. Self-care can be anything, including:

  • understanding our emotions
  • recharging your energy
  • giving yourself permission to care for yourself. 
Some of the different strategies that you can use to help you on your own journey of caring for yourself so that you can serve others, and be there for others. Not only be there for others, but be there for yourself, so that you feel great, so that you feel empowered, so that you feel happy, and joy, and live a wonderful, amazing, ordinary, everyday, beautiful, extraordinary life.
One way we can take care of ourselves is by connecting to your emotions. Really tuning in with how you’re feeling about things, listening to yourself, understanding how your body is feeling, how your body is reacting, and then making some choices to help you to feel better. 

Letting go of overwhelm

Some of the strategies that you can do to help let go of that feeling of being overwhelmed? Is it to write a list of all the things that you need to get done so that you can start to prioritize the order of things that you need to do because often we feel overwhelmed or when we feel like we’ve got too much to do I know I do. I feel like that often. I love a list. I talked about this in other episodes as well. Writing a list, putting it down on paper, seeing what’s in front of you and working out what the main priorities are and getting those things done. And really disciplining yourself to make sure that those things happen. Taking breaks. Drinking enough water water is such an important part of our well being. This nourished our body, helps our brains function and assists our overall wellbeing. 

Getting help for anxiety

Your GP is a wonderful resource. and the best place to start. Please see your GP. They have a wealth of knowledge which can help you. 

A few tools I have used to help me when I have been anxious is:

  • Meditation
  • Being kind to yourself. Accepting yourself just as you are

And this my friends, is incredibly brave. 

The Festival of Brave

The Festival of Brave is half-day online interactive workshop, where you will unlock what it means to you to be brave. A day FOR YOU. And a fabulous way to take care of yourself. 

  • In this half day work shop you will:
  • Learn what it means to you to be brave
  • Harness your courage
  • Identify and leg go of limiting beliefs
  • and find focus, fun and connection with tea leaf reading at the end of the day – for joy!
Festival of Brave


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