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When we are Brave Podcast

In this episode David Hennessey talks to us about:

  • Ever feel like stress is getting on top of you? Life can throw us curveballs, and often we need to find a way to live our life as our truest self, letting go of the stress- easier said than done. David Hennessy provides tools and techniques that he has used throughout his life after many personal tragedies, developing the Wonder technique – a wholistic personal development program to help us make decisions to live our best and bravest life.
  • David felt like he was not good at managing stress when his mother got sick with cancer twice. Looking at his life, he decided to spend time with his mother, that this was the most important thing to do at this time. During this time he realised he was able to decode complexities. 
  • This period of time in his life and his discovery about himself was what drove David to develop the Wonder technique – a wholistic personal development program making complex things simple.
  • He started the wonder technique in 1999 and has worked with thousands of people across the globe.
  • After many personal tragedies, he realised the value of life and knew that his personal development work was of value.
  • As a lover of the great outdoors, David started rock climbing. One day he did a jump while rock climbing which damaged his back, he was told he would never walk again.
  • Injured and in pain, unable to see how he was going ever to support his family again, he started to think about making a choice, making a decision. If he could make a decision, he could save his life and his family.
  • He walked into the future in his mind.
  • He imagined what would happen if he didn’t make changes. And then he imagined what would happen if he DID start to make changes. This was the beginning of his own self-beliefs and using the power of decision making and visualisation.
  • He started to heal his body through his thoughts, using the power of visualisation. He made changes to his thoughts and in his mind. He reframed his thoughts – decoding where his mind was and how he wanted his life to be. He knew he could change things and made a decision and worked through the process.
  • He gave himself a goal that he would start walking. And he did. Every morning he still goes for a walk, to appreciate the ability to move.
  • He also changed how he talked about his accident and the things that had happened to him, focusing on what he could do. He shifted away to what had happened, to what potentially could happen.
  • David shares with us how he frames his day to help manage stress.
  • David shares with us the importance of sleep, and how tuning into our subconscious mind can use be accessed just before you wake up and before you drift off to sleep. Using the power of positivity to reprogram the subconscious mind, David shares many tools with us that can help us refocus and reshape our lives.
  • What you see it in your mind’s eye, the brain doesn’t know any different to what was real and what you are visualising. You can change your mind. The key part is when you see it as present, even if it hasn’t happened yet, but if you believe it has happened, it will manifest into a reality. Using the power of visualisation and believe that it has already happened when you feel it is possible. If you think it is not possible, it never happens.
  • Sleep is a vital tool to wellbeing, as well as eating for fuel. There is a whole system to our bodies and minds, as well as taking time for silence.
  • Sitting in the silence, it’s what makes the music. In our lives, we need silence which allows us to move us to the next stage if we don’t have the silence we can’t move forward.

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