Words have impact on our lives

I love New Year’s Eve. Not because of the parties, fireworks or festivities. Don’t get me wrong, I love all those things too, but I love New Year’s Eve because of the opportunities ahead. I love looking back over the year and reflecting on my goals. Did I stay on track? What were my most outstanding achievements the year before, and what would I change? Did I grow? How will I move forward in the New Year? What are my new goals?

However, I choose to stay away from New Year’s Eve resolutions because I never stick to whatever it is I think I’m going to stick to. For me, they just don’t work.

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to start a new tradition on New Year’s Eve. We call it our “word of the year”. We pick a word to live by for the year. It could be any word. Sometimes it’s a simple word; other times, it’s more meaningful just to me.

Our family and friends know about our “word of the year”. They, too, pick a word to live by for the coming year. We sit around the table on New Year’s Eve and share our word, what it means to us and why. It’s a special tradition we cherish.

The word of the year could be something you want to strive for or something you want to change in your life. Whatever your word is, it will generally reflect something connected to your personal or work-related goals. Unlike a resolution, I stick to my word for the whole year.

Each year’s word has been different, and each year it brings about a new perspective of looking at things.

What can I say? I like growth.

This concept got me thinking… 52 weeks. 52 words. Could I do it? Could I do a word for the week- a word to live by regardless of the circumstance that life throws at me?

Well yes! I think I could.

This year’s word for me is IMPACT.

What better way to make an impact than by sharing a word of the week with you.

Words have impact. They can affect us in different ways.

Throughout the year, I will share different words with you to help inspire us to live bravely. I will report on how it’s going – check out Insta stories to follow along using the hashtag #weeklybravewords and at @tiffany_j_johnson. I would love for you to share what words are working out for you.

To get started, this week’s word is my year’s word – IMPACT.

How will you make an impact in your life? Your work? Your relationships? The environment? The planet? You can take it as far as you like.

This week, I plan to make an IMPACT on my life by setting a bedtime ritual – this way, I will sleep better, thus creating a much bigger and better impact in every way in my life. When I don’t sleep, it’s not good for anyone around me. I also intend to create space in my life for all the things most important to me and, somewhere in there, try to work out how to best recycle soft plastics- Does anyone have any ideas?

Showing up on my blog and social pages and being part of the BRAVE movement is another aspect of my word.

Making an IMPACT can be big or small. However you choose to make an IMPACT, do it with all your heart and soul. There can be no bigger way to make an IMPACT than that.

I can’t wait to see how we go!

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