INSPIRE – one of my favourite words

It felt like an easy word to choose, keeping in mind that the fifty-two words this year in our #weeklybravewords are connected to the movement of BRAVE.

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I have some questions for you to consider regarding this week’s word – INSPIRE
• Do you get inspired?
• What happens when you are inspired?
• Do you act on that inspiration?
• Do you want to be inspired?
• Is inspiration lacking in your life?
• How could you be inspired again?
• What do you feel most inspired to do?
• What does inspiration look like to you?
• How often do you feel inspired?
• What are you inspired about?
• Does your inspiration drive your decisions?

How will the word INSPIRE mould your week? Will it have any influence on the decisions you make?

The questions above can be used as journal prompts, conversation starters or simply something to think about.

For our first week of 52 words for the year, with the word IMPACT on week #1, I found I was thinking about the word throughout the week. While I was doing something, I would ask myself this question:

Was I making an IMPACT?

In some ways, yes. In other ways, not so much, but I was still making an impact, even if it meant something insignificant, like cooking a healthy meal for my family. The IMPACT of this has a positive flow-on effect. I was making an IMPACT.

My word of the week was working for me.

I thought about it some more. I was helping a friend with her writing. She made a huge breakthrough. This made a significant impact on her work #winning.

I felt more positive and driven over the week, knowing I had a focus, a goal like an umbrella was covering my life.

If I needed a nap – I was making an IMPACT on my body – giving it the healing time. When I walked the dog, I was making an impact on her life. The word impact floated across my week, touching everything in its path like gold dust. It helped me turn what was a tedious chore – like doing the washing – into something more meaningful. I found a way of looking at things and became even more positive (how can that be?).

I love how much a word can influence our decisions.

When you’re in the throws of life, getting to work, visiting a friend, doing the laundry, or spending time with a loved one, see if you can have a moment when the word – INSPIRE – might pop into your head and see what happens.

I look forward to hearing all about what inspiration comes our way this week!

Don’t forget to share how our #weeklybravewords are INSPIRING your week. Use the hashtag in your stories or post. Together we can all support each other bravely and get the movement of Brave happening.

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I wish you all an INSPIRED week.


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