Adventure is in our Spirit

It’s week three of our words that impact our life. How have our other words impacted your life? You can read more about our words so far here.

This week’s word – Adventurous

I’ve always been adventurous. As a kid, climbing trees on our farm was a part of everyday life. The more I could experience the world, the better. I had a thirst for life, a thirst for more adventure. I always thought I would end up like Indiana Jones, but the reality of being an archeologist and digging in the dirt all day in the hot sun didn’t seem so appealing.

In 1999, when I travelled through Europe, I called my family to tell them I was in Switzerland and going canyoning. They were not surprised. I had just been white water rafting the day before and planned skydiving when I returned to London. My tree-climbing days were over. I’d taken my love of adventure to a whole new level.

And then the disaster hit.

My thirst for adventure vanished in a puff of smoke.

It wasn’t until I started to dig deep into my recovery from PTSD that I realised my adventure days were still with me – though now they just took on a different form. I learned that an adventure could be anything that sparks a sense of curiosity. Like learning a new skill, talking to someone you’ve been too scared to talk to, or trying something new or different to the norm. Each time a sense of adventure would surge through me, a little light would go on within my soul. It was taking the chance to BE curious; that was the adventure.

We don’t have to participate in thrill seeker sports to have an adventure (in fact, I highly recommend you don’t). Every day can be an adventure. It’s what our perspective of the word is, what our mindset is, that makes it an adventure.

Our perception of things can make or break us. If we are curious to step forward in life, find the positives, and find the adventures, we can make life’s most mundane tasks a memorable experience.

I know what you are thinking – impossible.

But trust me – you can, and it can make life so much more fun.

Take cooking, for example. We all have to eat. Some of us love to cook (that’s me), others not so much. There are adventures to be had by trying a new recipe, a different ingredient, a new cuisine or, if you hate to cook, even trying to cook. It can all be adventurous. It’s how we look at it that makes the difference.

Every time I drive down a new street I have never been down before, I sing to my kids, ‘Adventure time, Adventure time.’ It makes getting lost so much fun!

Those trees I climbed weren’t that high, but they were to me, with my adventurous spirit ignited amongst those leaves. The excitement I would get from the possibility of being up in the ‘sky’ to me has never left. I’m still as curious as ever to discover a new possibility, learn something new, and find adventure in the everyday.

What do you think is an adventure? Is it travelling to new places or trying something different? Or is it the everyday things in life?

I have learned from my life experience that our lives are one big adventure. It’s how we look at the world and what our belief systems are that bring about adventure. I’m not saying that adventure isn’t in the actions of doing things, but that adventure is in our spirit.

Our spirit is within us every moment of every day, and when you light that adventurous fire within you, there will be no stopping you.

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I can’t wait to hear about what adventures you have been up to.

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