Week 4 – Word of the week – Special

The meaning we put behind the word SPECIAL makes it special.

I am loving the Weekly Brave Words and this week’s word is SUPER SPECIAL… Like what I did there?

The word special feels like an average everyday word. It seems like an everyday word, possibly overused, overlooked, then it doesn’t seem so special after all. It’s not a big word, nor is it a word you never hear. It’s an everyday word. The meaning we put behind the word and what we connect it to that makes the time, place or thing SPECIAL.

What does the word SPECIAL mean to you?

Is it connected to a family heirloom that has been passed on from generation to generation, wrapped up in memories you hold dear?

Is it a relationship you treasure? Your partner, a friend, your pet?

Is the word special connected to a feeling, love, trust, or optimism?

Is it a moment in time, something to cherish and remember?

Or is it that something that is bigger than us, the universe, God, or a belief system, how is that special to you?

What happens when we acknowledge when something is special to us

Can we see ourselves in that thing, time or place? 

Everyone says it. You are special. It feels clique even. But the reality of it is – that you are. We all are.

Because the world is amazing and it is special.

Of all the planets in the solar system. We are here, on this one, on earth. The only planet (that we know of) with life on it. There could be more of us out there, but I’ll never find that out in this lifetime, and I doubt my children will either.

It truly is incredible when you think about our earth.

Not only are we here on this planet, but we have technology and medicine and infrastructure and ALLLLL the things that once were never here.

We are special. 

In life, there is sadness and grief, trauma, death and decay, but through each moment of darkness, there is light. It is something special.

I’m not saying that all of the times in our lives will be special. We still have to take on life’s admin, but how lucky are we to actually be able to do it! How special are we!

We only get this life. Let’s make the most of it. Let’s make it special.

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