Discovering your BRAVE

A guided journal to unlocking your best and bravest self.

About the Journal

DISCOVERING YOUR BRAVE – A Guided Journal to Unlocking Your Best and Bravest Self.

I have journaled all my life. As a little girl, I used to write in my diary “Dear Diary” and talk about the day’s events. As a teenager, I would share in the pages of my diary who I had a crush on and what happened at school that day. Taking the steps into my yearly adult hood I stopped journaling for a period of time, when l couldn’t face the reality of my life, too consumed with shame and guilt for what was going on, I wouldn’t dare write it down on paper – that would make it real. And then, the largest and most life-changing experience occurred, when I survived the 1999 Swiss Canyoning Disaster, where 21 young people lost their lives and I somehow miraculously survived. 

It was through my recovery from PTSD and survivors guilt that I found the pages of a journal a lifesaver. I was able to unlock my fears and begin my healing through pages and pages of journaling using techniques and strategies I now share with you in this beautiful journal.

This journal is for anyone, at any time in their life. 

It is a space to discover what it means to you to be brave, to live a life you love living with gratitude and inspiration. To be brilliantly brave as your authentic self, moving you forwards towards your best and bravest life, filling you with joy and abundance in all things you deserve.

It helps readers navigate a path towards living a brave life, whatever that looks like for them, helping them discover their dreams with opportunities for creativity and reflection. The journal features techniques to learn what it is to be brave, work on your goals, mindset and self-care, with 60 days of guided instructional journaling to build the habit towards a brave life.

Inspirational quotes fill the pages against beautiful photography- from the author, plus affirmations, mindset work and brilliantly brave bonuses such as meditations, visualisations, self-care strategies and morning routines.

This journal will inspire and delight the reader as their life begins to unfold throughout the journaling process.

Know that whatever brave means to you, you can live it every day. You are BRAVE ENOUGH.

Enjoy this beautiful journal filled with inspirational art, it will be a highlight of your day. Grab a copy for a friend or loved one and share in the movement of BRAVE together!

Snippets of Inside Discovering your Brave

Discovering your BRAVE, a guided journal to unlocking your best and bravest self
Discovering your BRAVE, a guided journal to unlocking your best and bravest self
Discovering your BRAVE, a guided journal to unlocking your best and bravest self

Start your day with reading inspirational quotes and affirmations to help you live your best and bravest life! Plus putting into practice your own form of bravery. 

"When we are BRAVE our eyes open wider & our sense of self is ignited."​

Discovering your BRAVE
Discovering your BRAVE
Discovering your BRAVE
“DISCOVERING YOUR BRAVE is a beautiful self-paced journal on finding ones inner-strength. Drawing on sound psychological techniques and theory, Tiffany has created an emotionally safe space where a journeyer can explore their feelings, memories, hopes for the future and, perhaps, find some comfort and inspiration there. Filled with meditations, visualisations, affirmations and inspirational photos, we are invited to be BRAVE, to shed self-limiting beliefs and to dream a new way of being. Tiffany’s probing questions lead us in crafting our own first steps and leave us poised to courageously walk into the future.” 
– Fiona Pigott M.Ed., BA (Hons), Dip. Counselling

About the Author

Tiffany Johnson - Author

Tiffany Johnson is the best selling author the best-selling book Brave Enough Now, an inspirational story of self-discovery, survival and hope.  Showcased by various media outlets within Australia, Channel 7 News, Sunrise, SBS, ABC and various European media agencies and TV stations.

Tiffany is also the founder of When we are BRAVE and host of the podcast by the same name,  sharing inspirational stories and conversations with incredible individuals who live normal, extraordinary, everyday lives. The podcast includes tips and tricks for living your best and bravest life.

A keynote speaker across the globe, and entrepreneur, Tiffany’s mission is to empower people to be brilliantly brave as their authentic self, so they may live their best and bravest life.

Journalling was one of the key tools I used to overcome PTSD and survivor’s guilt. I hope that using this journal will help you, too, as journaling helped me. May it move you to a place where you can be your authentic self and live your best and bravest life.

Discovering your BRAVE, a guided journal to unlocking your best and bravest self.