Brave Enough Now


Desperate to escape her small country town, Tiffany sets off on an adventure to find herself and love. But when love turns bad, she goes backpacking in Europe when her world comes crashing down in the flash flood that was the 1999 Swiss Canyoning Disaster.

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On 27 July 1999, 21-year-old Tiffany Johnson stared death in the face when she miraculously survived one of Switzerland’s worst natural disasters, the Saxtenbach Gorge Canyoning Disaster. When a landslide and flash flood hit the Saxetenbach Gorge that day it claimed the lives of 21 young people. This horrific event sent shockwaves around the globe. Tiffany survived.

Thunderous water gushed all around me. I surrendered my body as I was swept away by the ravaging floodwaters. I saw my life playing out like a series of snapshots. I knew I couldn’t get to safety and so I let go…

The quintessential girl next door, Tiffany had grown up on an idyllic farm in country Australia and moved to the city to pursue her dreams. Far from home, she fell in love with the wrong man and entered a toxic relationship. Struggling with anxiety and anorexia, she fled overseas hoping to escape her demons. Stranded, broken and alone in the UK, Tiffany booked a Contiki tour in the hope she would overcome her challenges and finally find herself. Little did she know her battle was just beginning.

Brave Enough Now

Poignant and enthralling, Brave Enough Now is a courageous memoir of overcoming internal conflict and trauma. Intimately penned, Tiffany’s heartfelt story is one of love, friendship, self-discovery, inspiration and hope. From a little girl lost to lionheart, this extraordinary memoir is unforgettable from start to end.

Tiffany is Brave Enough Now.

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<em>Brave Enough Now</em> is a deeply moving, honest and courageous book, filled with such vulnerability and strength. Tiffany Johnson's incredible story inspires us to overcome fear to become our best version and live the life we were born to lead.

<strong>Sarah Willoughby, Author, Spiritual Mentor and Energy Healer.</strong>


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