Brave Hearts Self -Love Gift Pack


Brave Hearts Self-Love Gift pack Includes:

Brave Hearts Self-Love Essential Oil Blend,

A soft blend of essentials oils, floral and divine, igniting feelings of self-love.

Sel-Love essential oil blend has been specially crafted and tested by our Aromatherapist, using oils shown to foster the right support for love. Beautifully packaged with a gentle roller to distribute the right balance of oil, this long-lasting product is small enough to travel with you anywhere for whenever you need to feel loved.

How to apply Self-Love Essential Oil Roll-on: Use as required, can be up to 5 times a day. Roll onto your acupressure points such:

  • Temples
  • Back of your neck
  • Inner wrist
  • Ankle
  • Souls of feet

Scent: Floral


Organic Essential Oils of Rose Damask, Neroli and Tuberose in a base of jojoba oil.

Rose Damask A gentle female oil, known as the oil of love, filled with compassion, bringing restorative properties to us to help us evoke feelings of self-love, nurture and comfort, healing emotional wounds.

Tuberrose Hypnotic and charming, creating motivation. A sensitive oil, promoting expressiveness and enthusiasm

Neroil stimulates creativity and helps us connect to ourselves.

Brave Hearts Self-Love Affirmation Card

Brave Hearts Strong Back

A smokey tea blend, providing warmth and comfort, with a Russian caravan base, it has a sweet, malty, smokey flavour with Lavender, Orange peel, Jasmine and Cornflowers. A unique tea blend, hand-blended by 8th generation tasseomancist Annie O’Reilly, to help you feel brave


Russian Caravan Black Tea – is a blend of oolong, keemun, and lapsang souchong with an aromatic, full-bodied sweet, malty, and smoky taste.

Lavender: Perfect for calming and comfort

Orange Peel: Immune boosting

Jasmine: Boosts energy

Cornflowers: Has calming effects and anti-inflammatory properties



Brave Hearts Self-Love Essential Oil, affirmation card and Brave Hearts Strong black tea is the perfect gift to give those who need a little courage.

This gorgeous gift comes packaged ready to give to a loved one.


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