Festival of Brave

Find out what it means to you to
be brave within yourself,
in this half-day
virtual workshop

The Festival of Brave

Do you wonder how other people see to be able to get on with their lives and not let things worry them?

 How do they find joy?

Do you wonder how they are so confident?

Do look on at others and worry about what they are thinking?

Are you always saying to yourself… I wish I could?

What if I told you that you could be brave enough to follow your dreams and goals? That you could let go of the fear that is holding you back, that you could be confident and that you could believe in yourself.  How would your life look?

Join us at the Festival of Brave

& receive

Half-Day of learning- to live your best and bravest life, including meditations, movement, actionable tools & techniques, digital workbook and a Live Q & A. Plus to end the day with focus and fun, tea leaf reading with Annie O'Reilly!

At the festival of brave, you will learn about your own form of bravery and actionable tools to help you find your true potential.

You will be supported, nurtured and guided through the day, with yoga, mediations, keynote presentations from internationally renowned keynote speaker, Tiffany Johnson, empowering you to be brilliantly brave as your authentic self, to live your best and bravest life. Tiffany will be sharing tools she has used to help her on the road to recovery from the 1999 Swiss Canyoning Disaster where she miraculously survived the raging flash flood.

Join the fun of unlocking your inner power as she guides you throughout the day with interactive sessions and Special Guests.

End the day with some fun and entertainment with international Tasseomaciest (tealeaf reader) Annie – a contestant on Lego Masters 2020 and 7th generation tea leaf reader.

The Festival of Brave

The Program

What does it mean to be brave?

With Tiffany Johnson

Yoga - to harness your courage

With Kylie Roger

Meditation to connect to your inner strength

With Tiffany Johnson

Live Q & A letting go of limiting beliefs

With Tiffany Johnson and Sarah Turner

Fun and Focus Tea Leaf Reading

With Annie O'Reilly

"You can't help but feel empowered,
ready to take the next steps forward to live your best and bravest life"

Your guides for the day

Tiffany Johnson

Author of the best selling memoir Brave Enough Now, Podcast Host of the Podcast When we are Brave, Keynote speaker and founder of When we are Brave. 

Tiffany shares with us the tools and techniques she has learned through her own survival from one of Switzerlands largest ever natural disasters in the 1999 Swiss Canyoning Disaster, it’s a miracle she survived.

Tiffany believes in the magic of self belief, when you know who you are  you are able to climb mountains. 

Sharing her message of bravery and hope, Tiffany empowers people across the globe,  to be brilliantly brave as their authentic self, to live their best and bravest life.

Annie O'Reilly

Annie O’Reilly is a highly regarded Tasseomancist who’s abilities can be traced back 8 known generations on her Irish side. 

Born in Perth, Australia, and now residing in Melbourne, Annie has become one of Australia’s most loved readers. But it’s not just about what’s in the leaves! Annie also has her own line of delicious tea blends and her very own line of gorgeously bold cups and saucers, set for release in 2020.

Annie has also been busy playing with LEGO in recent months on LEGO Masters Australia Season 2.

Sarah Turner

Sarah is a bestselling author, a solopreneur, a female mindfulness and authenticity coach and a hater of “toxic positivity.” She is passionate about changing and empowering the discussion around female mental health, so that other women never have to find their space “below rock bottom.” 

Sarah is a Royal Australian Navy veteran, having joined at 17. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts in history and politics; is a classified International Category A Hydrographic Surveyor; and is a qualified yoga and mindfulness instructor.

Sarah served during the Gulf War and at age 23 she was one of the youngest ever qualified female navigators. During her Naval career Sarah excelled as a leader and was awarded the “Hugh Pathard” memorial award for excellence in Leadership.

But by age 30, her past trauma and high functioning anxiety were deeply impacting her professional life. She just couldn’t hide behind her “mask of perfection” anymore and in 2010 she was medically discharged from the military with PTSD, anxiety, depression and alcohol abuse. Her mental health rapidly deteriorated as she battled, shame, redundancy, addiction and debilitating anxiety. 

From her life experience, Sarah began to help others too and Dijolife was born, helping women live free from anxiety and teaching them to find the courage in owning their authentic story. 

The Festival of Brave Sarah Turner

Kylie Rodger

Kylie is Radio Host on Good Health Radio, Yoga Teach and English Teacher. Kylie is a beautiful Brave heart, sharing her divine love of Yoga and healing with the world. Kylie specialises in sharing love on the yoga mat, as an experienced yoga teacher of both adults and adolescents, Kylie values each individual for their ‘being’ and where they are at. She is still finding her Brave, like all of us. Though her brave, is not always roar, she knows it is within her. Kylie is honoured to be part of the Festival of Brave.  


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